global coatings

Global Coatings is a full service industrial company offering shop cleaning and the painting of primarily new steel products. We provide a quality product and service at an affordable price.

The shop painting of industrial steel provides the necessary chemical and UV protection to extend steel life as well as an aesthetically appropriate appearance. Our industrial coatings can be used on a number of surfaces such as structural frames, columns, and beams as well as steel plates, and piping.

how it works

The proper preparation and coating of steel under controlled conditions offers numerous advantages as well as economic benefits.

We abrasive blast clean steel to obtain required cleanliness and profile utilizing a wheelabrator with steel grit shot mixture as well as an enclosed 50' X 75' hand blast room with steel
grit as the abrasive.

the process

Our automated process line can blast and paint steel plate in minutes.


Pre-primed Steel Plates reduce fabrication time and improve quality in yards. Pre-primed plates with no mill scale are easier to lay out, weld, and cut. The automated process line is the most effective method to achieve consistent results.


Structural steel blasted and pre-primed and/or finished can save precious erection time while eliminating the need for costly and difficult site blasting. Touch-up or top coating can be accomplished in a much shorter period of time than blasting and applying a full system in the field.

tanks and piping

Plates and structural for tank construction are blasted and pre-primed under controlled factory conditions which is extremely cost effective. They are delivered to the job site for erection, seam welding, touch-up, and top-coating.

what we coat

We apply most liquid industrial coatings these include:

  • acrylics
  • alkyds
  • zincs
  • epoxies
  • novolacs
  • and urethanes

These industrial coatings are used for the coating of:

  • tanks
  • steel plates
  • piping
  • structural frames
  • fabricated shapes
  • clarifiers
  • tube steel
  • joists
  • columns
  • beam

All coatings are applied indoors in our 100' X 300' heated paint building to required specifications.

we also offer

Rail spur service with the ability to load or off-load large quantities of steel efficiently.

Indoor controlled environment for preparation and painting.

Inspection, marking, sorting, and sequencing of the steel can be arranged.

Pre scheduling your job can assure delivery, on time, every time, in the order you want it.